Fertiliser spreader FERTI-2

Standard equipment

  • Two spreading stainless discs
  • Spreading stainless vanes
  • Stainless bottom of the hopper
  • Overturning hopper
  • Net
  • Hydraulic regulation
  • Linkage for trailer
  • Automatic chain tensioner

Optional equipment

  • NEW: "INO Smart Flow" - Eletronic distribution of fretiliser with remote control (flow adjusting with control of speed)
  • NEW 2019. Weighing system for INO Smart Flow (flow adjusting with control of weight)
  • Spreading limitator
  • Trailer
  • Hopper cover
  • Lights cpl
  • Wheels for floor movement
  • P.T.O. shaft

Fertiliser spreader FERTI-2 with two spreading discs is used for spreading of all kinds of mineral fertilisers. Holding frame is very rigid. Bottom of the hopper, spreading discs and vanes are from stainless material. Uniform distribution of fertiliser is assured by two spreading discs with two adjustable vanes. Overturning hopper allows simple and complete cleaning after use. Trailer as an additional equipment is suitable for use on tractors with less power, while spreading limitator is necessary for the edge spreading.

DLG FOCUS TEST:http://www.dlg-test.de/tests/5852F.pdf

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